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Injuries, operations and the wear and tear that comes with daily work and activities can lead to pain and limited range of movement. Without professional assistance, these conditions will likely continue and may worsen.

Central Wyoming Therapy helps patients overcome the issues that cause pain and restricted movement through physical and occupational therapy. To ease your pain and quicken your recovery, schedule an appointment with one of our skilled physical therapists in Casper, Wyoming today.

Do you need support with daily activities at home and work?

When someone says "occupation," you probably think of your job, but it really applies to how you spend your time during the day - whether at home or at work. Simply put, it's how you "occupy" your time. If you need support to overcome pain and restricted movement that impairs the things you like or need to do-at work or at home-visit the occupational therapists at Central Wyoming Therapy.

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We are committed to combining the best business practices of quality care and excellent customer service with the best, most ethical and personalized therapy services, massage therapy and personal training in Natrona County. For more information about our services and commitment to our clients, please contact us today.