Chronic pain

October 11, 2021

Chronic pain is miserable for those suffering from it. Did you know there are treatments you can try that might give you some pain relief or lessen your suffering? Moist heat and cold ice packs can help, cold packs can help to lessen the pain if there is an inflammatory component to the pain, moist heat is also a great choice for decreasing the pain. Alternative methods of managing pain include participating in Yoga, exercising, relaxing/meditating and participating in activities that help distract you from the pain.

Diet plays a big part in managing chronic pain, scientists have found Omega 3 foods such as cold water fish, help to decrease pain, where consuming Omega 6 can actually increase inflammation contributing to pain.

Talk to your health care provider about starting vitamins and/or minerals, it has been proven B Vitamins, Vitamin C and D, Magnesium, Zinc can help you manage pain better.