How to Avoid Falls

February 9th, 2022

Falls can happen to anyone, but they are more common in the elderly. Falls in the elderly can lead to hospitalizations, diseases due to decreased mobility and loss of independence. If you have elderly members of your family or have a place of business where elderly frequent here are some safety tips to help prevent falls.

1. Remove loose rugs/have clear walking pathways ( i.e. avoid clutter or objects on the floor)
2. Use night lights at night to light up walking areas ( i.e. bedroom or bathroom)
3. Keep small pets away when up walking around
4. Highlight edge of steps with bright piece of tape (depth perception loss is a common visual deficit)
5. Avoid placing decorations on handrails (i.e. garlands or lights) they make handrails slippery and hard to grasp
6. Make sure ice and snow is cleared promptly.