Central Wyoming Massage Therapy

Central Wyoming Therapy offers massages as part of our goal of helping our patients get lost function back. Massages are beneficial for the treatment of reducing stress, muscle tension and pain. We offer a wide variety of massage techniques to our clients. All of our massages are performed by a therapist who has training in massage techniques.

The following massages are available for 30 or 60 minutes:

•Hot Stone Therapy Massage
•Pregnancy Massage
•Swedish Massage
•Pre and Post Event Sports Massage

What type of massage do you want?

•Swedish massage/ typically the most common of the massage techniques, but don't think it doesn't help you heal! Swedish is made up of long steady strokes that help increase blood flow and range of motion.
•Sports massage/ a fast paced massage that is geared to warming muscles and joints, preparing an athlete for competition or training.
•Deep Tissue/ a massage that reaches deep into the muscle bellies to help with mobility and release. Swedish can be deep, but this is DEEPER!
•Myofascial Release/ fascia is the connective tissue surrounding the muscle. This tissue can become bond and "sticky" which prevents the muscles from working as smoothly. Myofascial release is often used with Swedish and Deep tissue for a more complete treatment.
•Hot Stone/ smooth stones are warmed and used as an extension of the therapist hands to help focus heat and increase the focus of the massage.

Not sure what to choose? No problem, talk to Deahn prior to your appointment and discuss what your health needs are. You can work together to customize a session that works best for you.

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Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Hot Stone Therapy Massages are used to help tight muscles release and melt away your aches and pains. Central Wyoming Therapy practices two different stone techniques.

1) We heat smooth river stones to the ideal temperature to release tension. Then we place the stones on key areas of your body.
2) Central Wyoming Therapy also offers a treatment using ThermaShells which are heated from the inside out.

Stones are a great option for alleviating pain, stress and tension because they are a massage tool that uses natural heat. The warmth of the heat combined with techniques used by our therapist work naturally with the body's muscles.

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Pregnancy Massage

When you are expecting, your body is going though so many changes and adjustments. Prenatal Massages are ideal for expecting mothers because we tailor treatment to the specific needs of the mother.

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A Craniosacral Massage strengthens your body's ability to take better care of you. If you are suffering from pain or dysfunction, Craniosacral Massage would be beneficial for you. The following conditions would benefit from Craniosacral Massage:

•Motor-Coordination Impairments
•Stress and Tension-Related Problems
•Infantile Disorders
•Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
•Chronic Fatigue
•Central Nervous System Disorders
•Emotional Difficulties
•Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
•Learning Disabilities
•Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
•Orthopedic Problems

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Pre and Post Events Sports Massage

Pre and Post Events Sports Massages are very important for athletes. We tailor the massage to the athletes and their needs. The Pre Massage is focused on preventing cramps and injury before activity. The Post Massage is geared toward cooling down the muscles and preventing cramps.