Incorporate Therapy Into Your Daily Activities

Occupational therapy in Casper, WY

Occupational therapy is used to support wellbeing in the things you do throughout the day. If you are recuperating from an illness or injury sustained in the workplace, an operation, or some other factor, rely on our occupational therapists to develop and implement a therapy plan designed specifically for you.

Occupational therapy is ideal for patients suffering from:

•Chronic pain and discomfort
•Pre/post operation conditions
•Stroke/neurological issues
•Upper extremity disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff issues
•Lower extremity problems involving the hips, knees, ankles, etc.
•Chronic pain and fatigue in the workplace
•Limited range of motion

Learn how to alleviate pain in the workplace

If you are suffering from pain and feel that your work conditions and activities are a main contributor, speak with our occupational therapist about an on-site evaluation and training program. We'll visit you at your workplace and recommend ways to minimize the effect your work has on your body. These sessions will help you stay productive and lessen the impact work has on your body. Call today for more information about this therapy session and others offered at Central Wyoming Therapy.

pain management casper wy

Chronic Pain

pain management casper wy

Pre/Post Operation Conditions

Ergonomic Work Station Evaluations

Ergonomic Work Station Evaluations

We offer ergonomic work station evaluations. These evaluations are occupational assessments that examine employees' work stations. We work with the employee and employer to ensure that your work station is set up for your success.