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Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain?

Learn More About Pain Management

Central Wyoming Therapy offers pain management to help you manage your chronic pain. Here at Central Wyoming Therapy we understand that when you are suffering from pain it can impact your entire life. Our goal is to help you identify your pain and develop a pain management plan that will help you get your day to day life back on track.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is described as an ongoing pain that lasts beyond normal pain from an injury or illness. If you have been experiencing pain for over 6 months then it is possible that you are suffering from chronic pain. This type of pain differs from acute pain because it is long lasting and does not disappear when the cause of the pain is treated. It is important to note that if acute pain is not addressed early on then it could lead to chronic pain.

Pain Management Treatment Options

Cheryl at Central Wyoming Therapy has training in a variety of pain management techniques including, but not limited to:

•Types of Chronic Pain
•Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•Certified in Yoga
•Postural Retraining
•Guided Imagery
•Aquatic Therapy
•Trigger Point Dry Needling
•Nutrition Education

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