Restore Function and Ease Pain Through
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in Casper, Wyoming

Injuries, operations and general health issues can lead to pain and physical limitations. Your body works to naturally heal many issues, but physical therapy can enhance and expedite the recovery process. Call or visit Central Wyoming Therapy today to learn more about physical therapy pertaining to:

•Sports medicine
•Orthopedic rehabilitation
•Strength and conditioning
•Aquatic therapy
•Therapy for back and neck pain
•Therapy for rib and joint problems
•Therapy for headaches
•Imbalance issues
•Gait analysis and improvement

The sooner you begin physical therapy, the sooner you can work towards overcoming pain and impaired movement. Our physical therapists will evaluate your issue and develop a customized plan to help you achieve the results you desire as soon as possible. To start your recovery with an experienced physical therapist in Casper, Wyoming, call Central Wyoming Therapy today.

physical therapy clinic casper wy

Aquatic Therapy

physical therapy clinic casper wy

Strength and Conditioning